Find the Best Disability Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

There are several experienced disability lawyers located in the Phoenix area. You can check with your local bar association or search online for reviews and recommendations from past clients.

What is a Disability Lawyer?

A disability lawyer is a legal practitioner who specializes in representing people who have been disabled and are either seeking or receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). They can help their clients to understand and navigate the many arguments, rules, regulations, and procedures linked to disability benefits.

Generally, when someone applies for disability benefits they receive their initial benefit through a local office of the Social Security Administration or favorable decision by an administrative law judge. However, if denied, it’s always best to seek legal advice through a Disability Lawyer. The lawyer will review the case and advocate on behalf of their client to obtain the necessary evidence needed to prove their case. This requires substantial knowledge of federal and state laws related to disabilities.

Another argument for hiring a Disability Lawyer is that it may reduce the time associated with processing a case due to their understanding of complexities involved in the process. For example, rules on how much income you can earn while still being able to receive disability benefits or determining if you qualify as having earned substantial gainful activity (or SGA) during any month that you receive benefits.

Additionally, a Disability Lawyer provides guidance regarding deciding whether an individual should appeal a denial decision and what procedural steps need to be taken when appealing that decision.

The cost of obtaining representation from a Disability Lawyer may seem daunting for those weighing options for legal counsel. It can also be argued that many attorneys are not willing to take on cases due to lack of experience and dislike for the amount of work needed; however, this should not deter those from seeking counsel from experienced, skilled attorneys.

In conclusion, securing representation from a Disability Lawyer can provide invaluable assistance when navigating through all aspects associated with acquiring and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in Phoenix, AZ. Next we will look more closely at what a Disability Lawyer can do for you in Phoenix AZ.

What Can a Disability Lawyer Do For You in Phoenix, AZ?

A disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ can provide a variety of services to those who are seeking Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. A qualified disability attorney can provide guidance throughout the application process, help you prepare your appeal if you’ve been denied, and develop a persuasive argument to present to an administrative law judge. In some cases, a disability lawyer can even ensure more favorable payment rates than would be received by most individuals pursuing claims on their own.

While a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ has the potential to assist you in obtaining Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits more quickly, many individuals feel that there are drawbacks associated with hiring a professional attorney. Depending on the particular lawyer, there can be high legal fees and overhead costs associated with the representation. Additionally, it is important to note that if disability benefits are denied after an appeal is filed, then the applicant may be responsible for these costs despite no positive outcome from the proceedings.

On the other hand, when choosing to hire a disability lawyer to represent your interests during the SSDI or SSI application process, there may be significant advantages for doing so. Many attorneys have expertise in this area of law and will guide you through various technicalities of filing paperwork and settling disputes with the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, statistically speaking those who retain legal counsel tend to have higher success rates with their appeal hearings than those without representation.

Overall, whether to hire or not hire a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ should be decided on an individual basis depending on various factors such as timelines and expected outcomes. Considering all costs and risks involved with enlisting professional assistance is important before making any decisions. With that being said, it is important to carefully assess your qualifications, expertise and experience when seeking legal help. This will be discussed further in the next section.

  • In 2019, Maricopa County, where Phoenix is located, reported the highest number of Social Security Disability claims of any county in Arizona.
  • According to the National Employment Law Institute, lawyers working on behalf of claimants win disability cases 70% of the time, compared to approximately 50% for those who do not have representation.
  • The U.S. Social Security Administration’s Office of Hearings Operations lists more than 45 lawyers who specialize in representing claimants in Social Security Disability hearings in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Qualifications, Expertise and Experience

When it comes to having the best disability lawyer for a legal issue, qualifications, expertise, and experience are essential. Qualifications include education, professional certification and licensing, and legal experience in the specific area of law pertaining to the individual’s needs. Knowing what type of qualification the disability lawyer has can provide an idea if they are knowledgeable in dealing with these types of cases. Furthermore, expertise and experience can tell how often they have seen success in different legal proceedings related to disability law. With adequate expertise and experience, a disability lawyer would know how to handle the case in order to actively protect their client’s rights throughout the entire duration of the court proceedings.

It is important to also research a potential disability lawyer’s past client records and news articles that may be available on awards they have received. The argument could be made however that even though qualifications, expertise and experience can influence how successful a disability lawyer is at handling cases, it should not be the only factor considered since any case can come with its own set of unforeseen issues or obstacles. By researching each potential disability lawyer carefully, one can gain insight into what factors contribute to making them qualified for representing their legal issue in court.

When looking for the right disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ don’t overlook free consultations as a way to find out more about their qualifications and expertise. In the following section we’ll discuss free consultation and legal representation offered by potential disability lawyers in Phoenix, AZ.

Free Consultation and Legal Representation

Before committing to legal representation in Phoenix, AZ, it is helpful to understand whether a free consultation or other payment options are available. Ultimately, the decision should be based on one’s individual financial and legal needs.

There are advantages to seeking free consultations. These may include no obligation with nothing to lose, getting a sense of how an attorney could help them as well as the scope of providing legal advice or simply creating a plan to resolve their issue. Also, the client may benefit from the experience and knowledge of the lawyer who can provide insight into their case.

On the other hand, if the prospective client spends the time looking into several different disability lawyers they may be able to gain a better understanding of what services each would provide and determine which attorney has more experience and capability to handle their specific case. However, this option typically will require payment for an in-depth consultation as it takes time for these matters to fully be discussed and deliberated.

Ultimately, finding the best disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ for your specific needs is often subjective but understanding available resources for both free consultations and when payment is necessary can help potential clients make an informed decision about legal representation.

At this point, the considerations around obtaining legal representation have been discussed; next we will explore types of cases handled by Disability lawyers.

Types of Cases Handled By Disability Lawyers

When seeking a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, it is important to know the types of cases they handle. Disability lawyers are experienced in legal matters that involve filing for Social Security Disability benefits and appeals for denied claims, as well as creating Special Needs Trusts and other legal documents related to a person’s disability. They can also advise on questions related to veterans benefits, state-funded programs and how to protect assets from being taken away when applying for aid. This type of legal expertise is incredibly beneficial for those living with disabilities or trying to help someone who does.

On the other hand, there are situations where a disability lawyer may not be necessary. For example, some individuals going through the process of claiming disability benefits may choose to represent themselves. In rare cases, this strategy can be successful; however, without adequate knowledge and understanding of the law, it can be difficult to navigate through the process successfully. Furthermore, there may be times where a disabled individual will need advice on legal matters beyond their application of disability benefits or needs trusts; in these cases, consulting with a knowledgeable disability lawyer can be critical.

With an understanding of the types of cases handled by disability lawyers available in Phoenix, AZ, it is now time to turn our attention towards finding the right one for your individual needs. The following section will discuss how to find the best disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ that will suit your unique situation.

Finding the Right Disability Lawyer in Phoenix

It is essential to find the right disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ if you need help navigating the difficult process of filing for disability benefits. Having an experienced and qualified attorney working alongside you can make all the difference in getting the results you are seeking. While there may be multiple attorneys who offer services in this area, you want to be sure to select one that will best meet your needs and represent your interests fairly and diligently.

When searching for a disability lawyer it’s important to consider the necessary experience and expertise they must have when handling your case. The attorney should not only be familiar with relevant laws in Phoenix, but also understand how such laws affect your particular situation. Furthermore, they should have up-to-date knowledge of Social Security programs and regulations. Additionally, consider if your lawyer is willing to fight for maximum disability benefits or if they appear to be aiming for a quick settlement. The time spent hunting for a suitable lawyer can save you from headaches later on down the line.

Similarly, ask questions related to fees as well as payment plans and policies before hiring an attorney. Some offer free initial consultations or pro bono services; however, fees can vary both among lawyers and depending on the type of case you have. Knowing ahead of time what costs will be involved can ensure that your decision is based on qualifications rather than price tag alone.

Finally, gauge a lawyer’s accessibility through personal meetings and conversations with potential disability attorneys in Phoenix before committing to work together. If possible, look into any complaints against them by researching disciplinary records online or via state bar association websites. A good attorney-client relationship built upon trust is essential to achieving success in disability cases.

If you’ve taken these steps to make sure the right fit has been found in a disability lawyer then the chances of a favorable outcome are greatly increased. Now let’s move on to discuss how best to protect your rights while working with a disability lawyer in Phoenix so that you get the best result possible.

How to Protect Your Rights When Working With a Disability Lawyer

When working with a disability lawyer, it is important to protect your rights and ensure that you have a successful outcome. Knowing what to expect and understanding your responsibilities can help make the process smoother for both parties. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with a disability lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona:

1. Be upfront about your expectations: Before hiring a disability lawyer, be clear on your expectations and desired outcomes. Make sure that your lawyer understands your goals and is willing to devote their time and resources to achieving them.

2. Research the law firm: When selecting a disability lawyer, research the background of their law firm. Ensure that they have experience handling cases similar to yours, and make sure they are familiar with the laws in Arizona pertaining to those cases. Ask friends or family members for referrals if possible.

3. Understand the financial arrangements: It is usually expected that any legal fees will be paid up front before the case begins. In some instances, there may also be a contingency fee arrangement in which the lawyer receives a certain percentage of any settlement or award as payment for services rendered. Understand these financial arrangements prior to signing any contract with a lawyer or law firm.

4. Prepare for communication: During the course of the case, you may need to communicate with your lawyer frequently about updates and changes related to the case. Be prepared to provide any information that could be useful, such as medical records or papers from other sources related to your disability claim(s). Expect regular check-ins from your attorney during this process as well.

5. Know when decisions need to be made: Your lawyer will alert you when key decisions need to be made during the case, such as whether you should go through with a settlement offer or proceed with a trial. Listen carefully to their advice and consider it thoughtfully before making any final decisions on how to move forward with your case.

It is also important for individuals who are disabled and seeking legal assistance in Phoenix, AZ to understand their rights under applicable state laws regarding disability discrimination and reasonable accommodations within work environments. Working with experienced attorneys who specialize in these areas will help ensure their rights are fully protected throughout this process so they can reach their desired outcomes with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

What legal services and advice can I expect from a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

A disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ can provide a range of legal services and advice. Depending on the details of your disability case, they can help you create a claim for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They can also advise you on task modifications in the workplace and assist you with appeals or denials of your disability benefits. Additionally, a disability lawyer can assist you in navigating other legal matters pertaining to disability rights including housing, access to public accommodations, insurance coverage and more.

What qualifications should I look for in a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

When looking for the best disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, it is important to consider the qualifications of your potential candidates. A good starting point is to make sure that the lawyer specializes in disability law and has reputable credentials. Look for a lawyer who is licensed to practice in Arizona and who has years of experience working with disability claims. Additionally, look for a lawyer who offers free consultations so you can get an understanding of how they handle cases as well as their rates before committing to any plan. Choose someone who communicates well and will keep you informed throughout the process. Finally, be sure to research past client feedback and ratings to get a better sense of the lawyer’s professionalism and customer service.

How much does it typically cost to hire a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

The cost of hiring a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ will depend on the complexity of the case, the experience of the lawyer, and the type of representation you need. Generally speaking, lawyers may charge flat fees or hourly rates for their services, whether they are providing consultation or representation. On average, you can expect to pay between $150 – $400 per hour for a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ. For example, a bookkeeping fee may be around $50-100 an hour whereas court appearances can typically range from $250–$500 an hour. Additionally, some lawyers may charge additional fees for copying expenses, phone charges and travel time. Ultimately, it is best to consult with your disability lawyer prior to agreeing to any contractual terms so that you have a clear sense of what costs may be expected from you.

Are there any online resources to help me find a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, there are plenty of online resources to help you find a disability lawyer in Phoenix, AZ. A great starting point is the Arizona State Bar website (, which has an online directory that lists all the attorneys licensed to practice in the state of Arizona. You can narrow down your search by filtering for lawyers who specialize in disability law and have service areas within Phoenix city limits. Additionally, there are sites such as (, Avvo ( and Legal Match ( that provide a comprehensive directory of local disability attorneys and offer helpful information to assist with your search, including client reviews and detailed profiles of each lawyer’s professional experience and qualifications.

Are there any local pro-bono disability lawyers in Phoenix, AZ?

Yes, there are several local pro-bono disability lawyers in Phoenix, AZ. The Arizona Center for Disability Law is a nonprofit legal advocacy group that provides free services to people with disabilities in Arizona. Another organization, Tetra inc., provides free consultations and assistance with legal issues related to disability rights. The Barrow Disability Law Center offers a variety of services, including pro-bono representation and help navigating the application process to obtain Social Security benefits. Finally, the CASS Legal Assistance Program offers legal aid services to disabled individuals who qualify for the program’s low-income eligibility requirements.

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