Find the Best Disability Lawyer in Marietta, GA

There are several experienced disability lawyers available in the Marietta, GA area. It is important to research the available options and review their credentials before making your selection.

Disability Lawyers in Marietta, GA

Finding the best disability lawyer in Marietta, GA is a critical decision for those seeking to make sure their rights are protected. As such, it is important to understand what sets disability lawyers apart from other types of legal services before making a final decision.

Disability lawyers in Marietta, GA specialize in helping their clients navigate the often-daunting process of filing for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). These disability lawyers are also well-versed in laws regarding reasonable accommodations, wrongful termination due to disability, and discrimination based on disability. This means they have the requisite knowledge to offer trustworthy advice and guidance.

Additionally, disability lawyers may take a proactive role in defending their clients’ rights throughout the filing process. This can be beneficial when filing with the Social Security Administration (SSA), where the appeal process can be long and grueling. An experienced disability lawyer can help guarantee a positive outcome by seeking out all possible sources of evidence, submitting it to the SSA, and carefully tracking appeals in order to maximize chances of success.

The argument can be made that not all specialized disability lawyers are created equal; some may lack experience or training, offering little benefit over services provided by general practice attorneys. However, many attorneys who provide services for disabled individuals possess expertise borne out of years of successful cases and an established presence within the Social Security system. Finding one with an impressive track record is more likely to result in favorable outcomes and timely results than working with an inexperienced lawyer.

Ultimately, what sets disability lawyers in Marietta, GA apart is their unwavering commitment to providing legal services tailored to meet the needs of their clients. In this way, they can deliver top-notch guidance throughout proceedings while looking after each client’s best interests. With this in mind, our next section will discuss what a disability lawyer can do for you.

What Can a Disability Lawyer Do For You?

A disability lawyer in Marietta, GA can provide a wide range of services. These services are designed to help disabled individuals understand and obtain the rights they are entitled to under the law. Some of the most common services provided by a disability lawyer are:

Advocating for Disability Rights: One of the main responsibilities of a disability lawyer is advocating for their client’s right to benefits and other accommodations due to their disability. This includes filing paperwork with state and federal agencies, preparing pleadings, representing clients in court hearings, appearing in administrative hearings, and aiding clients through various legal processes.

Assessing Claims: A disability lawyer can also assess a potential claim by reviewing records such as medical information, job histories, and educational qualifications. They will be able to determine if the claim meets all of the necessary criteria for eligibility or if further review is needed. By assessing claims properly and in a timely manner, a lawyer can ensure that their client receives the best possible outcome from any legal proceedings.

Preparing Legal Documents: Disability lawyers are also responsible for preparing legal documents related to disability rights. This includes filing petitions for reasonable accommodations, appealing denials of benefits or assistance, negotiating settlements with employers or other entities responsible for providing reasonable accommodations, and preparing settlement agreements following successful cases. A good disability lawyer should be familiar with both federal and local regulations governing reasonable accommodation and other disability rights issues.

Counseling Clients: Finally, a disability lawyer should also provide counsel to their clients regarding their disabilities rights and how to navigate the legal system. A good attorney should be able to explain all relevant laws in layman’s terms so that their clients understand their rights fully. They should also be able to answer any questions the client may have about their case and provide resources that can give further insight into applicable laws.

Overall, a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA can provide invaluable support in understanding one’s rights under existing disability law as well as assisting disabled individuals seeking reasonable accommodation or other forms of assistance. Now that you know what a disability lawyer can do for you, our next section will delve into what representation in court cases means for those with disabilities who need legal support.

Representation in Court Cases

When seeking representation in court cases regarding disability, it is important to choose the right lawyer in order to best advocate for the individual’s case. In these types of cases, disabled people need a skillful attorney who understands their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and can negotiate effectively on their behalf.

A qualified disability lawyer should be able to represent the case from any angle, whether it is fighting for a reasonable accommodation for employment or appealing a Social Security disability denial. The lawyer should have an understanding of the legal process and the laws that affect disability rights in the State of Georgia. The attorney should also be knowledgeable about how to access medical records, develop evidence, and apply effective strategies to win a favorable decision from the court.

It is important that an individual chooses a respected disability lawyer with experience in successfully representing clients at all stages of litigation. A good attorney should be willing to take time to explain every step of the legal process, including filing any necessary paperwork, gathering evidence, preparing court documents, and representing the client in court. Experienced attorneys will know what argument would be most effective based on each individual’s situation.

While it may seem like a daunting endeavor finding the right disability lawyer in Marietta, GA, careful research and interviews will ensure that an individual finds someone they can trust with their case. Having a lawyer who is willing to do whatever it takes to help them win a successful outcome is essential for the disabled person’s piece of mind throughout their legal proceedings.

Now that we have explored representation in court cases for disabled individuals, let’s shift our attention to understanding what a representative can offer when pursuing representation in appeals.

Representation in Appeals

For those in need of representation in an appeal, it is vital to find a disability lawyer with experience in the field. The appeals process typically requires specialized knowledge and a deep understanding of the topic area. When choosing a disability lawyer to handle an appeal, look for someone with proven track record of success and experience in similar cases. Additionally, consideration should be given to how their work on behalf of the plaintiff could affect the outcome of the case.

Appealing a denial can be difficult and it’s important to understand all the options available. A disability attorney can provide counsel regarding these options, including whether pursuing an appeal is advisable or if other legal options may be more beneficial. An experienced disability lawyer will also have established relationships with state agencies, as well as help with filing paperwork and navigating complex laws that can challenge even an experienced self-represented plaintif.

There are advocates on both sides when it comes to appealing denials. Some people argue that appealing denials may lead to greater chances of success and refunds, while others think appealing cannot guarantee such results and may consume significant time and resources that could be used elsewhere. Whatever side the client is on, it is important that they understand their rights and what steps they must take before deciding to proceed with an appeal or resolving the matter through other means.

To ensure one receives appropriate services for any appeal related matters, it’s important to find a qualified disability attorney in Marietta, GA who is familiar with state law, understands local court procedures and is knowledgeable about court rulings related to disability claims. The next section will discuss specific matters to consider when selecting a Marietta-based disability lawyer for representation in appeals.

What to Look for in a Disability Attorney

It is important to make sure the disability attorney you work with has the qualifications, knowledge and experience necessary to successfully handle your case. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for a disability lawyer:

Qualifications: Make sure the attorney you hire is licensed in good standing with the state bar. Verify that they are experienced in Social Security Disability law, rather than focusing solely on personal injury cases. They should also be experienced working with administrative appeals and appeals hearings.

Experience Handling Cases Like Yours: Consider attorneys who have experience handling cases like yours. This will help ensure they understand the complexities of your case and can provide legal guidance specific to your needs. It is also critical that your attorney remain current on new developments in this area of law, as it is constantly evolving.

Communication Skills: Find an attorney who will communicate directly with you regarding all aspects of your case. He/she should be thorough in explaining all steps involved from filing your initial application, to representing you during a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. It’s also important that he/she is accessible for consultations or any additional information you may need throughout the process.

Compassion: The process of applying for and obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be both mentally and emotionally exhausting. An attorney who is compassionate, understanding, and patient can make all the difference in a successful result.

Leading into Next Section: When searching for an experienced disability lawyer in Marietta, GA, it’s important to review their background and previous successes in similar cases. In our next section, we will explore the importance of evaluating a lawyer’s experience in disability law.

Experience in Disability Law

Experience in Disability Law is crucial when it comes to finding the right lawyer for your case. While it’s important to consider an attorney’s overall experience and qualifications, having a specific expertise in disability law is invaluable, as attorneys who specialize in this field understand the nuances of relevant regulations and what kinds of strategies work best for specific cases. Experienced disability law attorneys are more likely to provide competent representation and, as a result, increase the chances of winning your case.

It can also be beneficial to choose a disability lawyer who follows emerging trends in the field and keeps up with new developments so that your legal strategy is informed by the latest changes. This knowledge can be especially helpful when arguing a case before an Administrative Judge or higher courts, where newer regulations may provide greater scope for arguments. On the other hand, some argue that joining a reputable law firm which specializes in all kinds of disability cases allows clients to benefit from expansive resources while still being confident they will receive expert legal assistance by experienced professionals.

With either approach, it is crucial to do due diligence and assess each potential lawyer’s background before deciding which attorney is right for you. In addition to researching an attorney’s online presence and ratings, request to see past cases the lawyer has handled and check into whether those cases have concluded successfully. Talking with former clients about their experience can give further insight into what it’s like to work with the attorney you’re considering.

Ultimately, having a high degree of knowledge and experience in disability law and the legal issues related to your specific type of claim can be a major factor in determining whether or not you win your case. As such, it is essential for any prospective client to seek an attorney with substantial experience in areas relating directly to their case.

By thoroughly investigating an attorney’s credentials and ensuring that they have specific expertise within disability law, you can be confident you are benefiting from the full scope of their professional capabilities. The next section will discuss how to identify qualified and experienced lawyers who are best-suited for representing your case in Marietta, GA specifically.

Qualified and Experienced Lawyers

When looking for a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA, it is important to research their qualifications and experience to make sure they are an ideal fit for your case. Qualified and experienced lawyers can provide the expertise and knowledge needed in order to represent you successfully.

Qualifications include having a valid law license from the State Bar of Georgia, certifications from relevant bodies such as the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR) or another recognized specialty body, and specific education necessary for the practice of disability law. In addition to their qualifications, it is also beneficial for lawyers to have additional courses, certifications, and knowledge related to their field of practice. Experienced lawyers should have substantial trial experience representing different types of disability claims, such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.

There are some arguments in favor of hiring a professional with less experience if they happen to specialize in the particular area of disability law that you require assistance with. On the other hand, hiring an experienced lawyer may be beneficial because they have likely seen more cases and have more knowledge in navigating the procedures related to disability claims. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which qualities best fit your needs but generally speaking, hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer can provide significant insight when it comes to filing successful disability claims.

Now that we understand the importance of hiring a qualified and experienced lawyer let us focus on the Social Security Disability Benefits that can be accessed when filing a claim.

Social Security Disability Benefits

When it comes to Social Security Disability benefits, it is important to know that applicants need to meet specific requirements to be eligible for payments. The criteria for obtaining benefits for a disability include proving the inability to perform substantial gainful activity due to the physical or mental impairment, having medical evidence of the disability over a period of time, and showing that they have not worked while they were disabled and their total work credits are enough to qualify.

Advocates of this type of financial assistance argue that receiving Social Security Disability benefits can help offset some of the costs incurred as a result of having an impairment; however, there are always those who oppose these types of government subsidies. Opponents may cite fraud and inefficiency as reasons why Social Security Disability should not be supported; however, there are policies in place to prevent such issues from occurring.

It is important for applicants to consider both sides when researching Social Security Disability benefits, in order for them to make an informed determination on what best suits their needs. With the right information, applicants can rest assured that their applications will be efficiently processed with accuracy and fairness. Now that we have discussed Social Security Disability Benefits, let’s move on to the next section which looks into Obtaining Claim Approval.

  • According to, there are currently 23 Disability Attorneys available in Marietta, Ga.
  • According to, it takes an average of 12 – 18 months to be approved for disability benefits.
  • A research study conducted by Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School concluded that claimants who are represented by a Disability Attorney in Georgia have a higher success rate (67 percent) than those without legal representation (28 percent).

Obtaining Claim Approval

Obtaining claim approval is an important factor when trying to find the best disability lawyer in Marietta, GA. In order to receive approved for a disability claim, applicants must prove that they meet Social Security’s requirements regarding medical and non-medical eligibility factors. Factors such as age, education and work experience are considered when determining whether an applicant is medically eligible, while proof of income, years of employment and type of impairment are some of the key elements taken into consideration when non-medical eligibility is evaluated. It can be difficult to collect all required information in order to apply for a disability claim – this is why many people seek out the assistance of a skilled disability lawyer.

With the help of a knowledgeable lawyer, individuals with disabilities can benefit from tailored legal advice and support. Many disabled individuals use their lawyers to understand the full application process and often seek counsel in dealing with insurance companies and other involved parties throughout their case. An experienced disability attorney can identify potential issues that may arise during the application process or challenge any denied claims.

Filing a disability application can be time consuming and emotionally taxing — those pursuing such claims should consider hiring an experienced disability attorney who will ensure all aspects of their case are addressed and properly handled throughout the entire journey for obtaining claim approval. By finding the best disability lawyer in Marietta, GA, you can increase your chances of receiving approved for a disability claim.

The next section discusses how an experienced lawyer can help with filing disability applications.

Assistance With Filing Disability Application

The process of filing a disability application can be time consuming and daunting for applicants. Assistance from a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA can make the process much easier. A disability lawyer has experience understanding the requirements for disability applications and what evidence and documentation are needed to ensure an application is processed quickly and accurately.

On one hand, this assistance can give applicants peace of mind knowing that their application is being prepared correctly and has a greater chance of being approved the first time it is submitted. On the other hand, providing an attorney with all the necessary information can take significant effort on behalf of the applicant. Recollecting medical records and gathering statements of support may require additional stress for those already dealing with a disabling condition.

Regardless, having a knowledgeable attorney who understands the specifics of disability law can help alleviate some of the stress during this trying process. By obtaining professional assistance, applicants have access to accurate information regarding forms, appeals and other elements of the application process in Marietta, GA. With an understanding of these matters, applicants are better suited to file their initial application with confidence that they have maximized their chances for approval.

Now that you know more about the potential benefits of getting assistance when filing a disability application in Marietta, GA, it’s time to learn how to find your best disability lawyer in Marietta.

Find Your Disability Lawyer in Marietta, GA

Finding the best disability lawyer in Marietta, GA is an important step for anyone considering filing for disability benefits. A disability lawyer is more than just a legal resource, they provide guidance and advice on how to navigate the complex legal system and ensure you get your rightful compensation. It is critical to select an attorney with knowledge of the system and years of experience representing clients in similar cases.

When searching for a disability lawyer, it’s important to consider their fees, experience level, success rate, and communication style. Many lawyers specialize in this area of law, so be sure to search and research different options before deciding on one. Research reviews online or ask friends or family who have already filed a claim for attorney recommendations. Pay close attention to the details of their success rate on cases and how long it took them to resolve the issue.

The best way to find a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA is by using local but reputable legal directories like Avvo or Justia Lawyer Directory. These websites primarly list verified lawyers in the area who are experienced in handling cases involving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Additionally, look into local libraries for books about filing for disability benefits and using these resources will enable potential clients to review detailed information about each attorney’s practice area and proficiency levels.

Some people argue that researching online can only go so far when selecting an attorney and consulting with friends or family members can provide invaluable insight as well. It can be difficult to rely solely on online reviews as there may not be enough reviews available or have been influenced by paid marketing ads. Consulting friends or family members can provide reassurance that providing personalized service with undivided attention was given during their consultation with the lawyer. Ultimately, the decision should be based on what the person feels comfortable with in terms of communication, fee structure, success rates, etc.

Ultimately, finding the best disability lawyer in Marietta, GA requires research and due diligence. Be sure to review your options carefully and choose an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of this type of case and has a successful record winning SSDI or SSI benefits for their clients.

Common Questions and Their Answers

What type of services does a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA provide?

A disability lawyer in Marietta, GA provides a range of legal services for those with physical or mental disabilities. Services may include providing legal advice and representation to help individuals with disabilities understand their rights, pursue benefits and financial compensation, appeal denied social security claims, or negotiate housing accommodations or other accommodations related to their disabilities. The attorney may also provide advice regarding special provisions outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as seeking assistance from local or state agencies on behalf of their clients. In addition, a disability lawyer may fight for the rights of the disabled to access medical care and other vital services, including transportation and education.

What is the average cost of hiring a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA?

The average cost of hiring a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA is dependent on the type of case, the experience and reputation of the lawyer, and whether the client is paying on an hourly, flat fee or contingency basis. Generally speaking, the cost can range anywhere from $150 an hour to several thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the case. Additionally, lawyers sometimes charge retainer fees or request other deposits or advance payments before taking on a case. Furthermore, lawyers charging on a contingency basis typically receive one-third of backpay and/or past due benefits won as their fee. Essentially, it’s important to research and compare rates among different disability lawyers in Marietta, GA in order to find the best deal for a given situation.

What qualifications should I look for when selecting a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA?

When selecting a disability lawyer in Marietta, GA, it is important to conduct research and review the qualifications of each lawyer you consider. You should look for a lawyer who has experience working with disability claims, such as Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). It is also wise to look for a lawyer who has strong communication skills and an ability to effectively negotiate on your behalf. When meeting with potential lawyers for your case, inquire about their track record and check out any positive reviews from past clients. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the lawyer’s ability to handle your case before signing on the dotted line.

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